Jane Kogan’s 70th Birthday Party – July 2nd – Provincetown, MA

Jane Kogan invited us to her 70th birthday party in Provincetown. The event, attended by around 35 people took place at the famous Lobster Pot restaurant. Jane chowed down on a disgustingly large lobster with all of the fixings. I got a chance to discover a new crowd of of friends and cronies.

Jane Kogan

Jane Kogan with lobster headdress

looking up the table

Friends and relatives at my table. Apologies for the lack of names.

more friends

more friends

more friends

Jane and her lobster

Jane chowing down

Jane's birthday cake

Jane's birthday cake. It was explained that Jane does the New York Times Crossword puzzles in INK and does not know from whiteout!!


We enjoyed the whole affair despite the bouncy weather on the ferry coming and going to Boston.


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