Catching Up With Nyla and Noah – lots of action….

We drove down to the city Wednesday in time for a demonstration at Nyla’s dance class. Then, we went to Randall’s Island to catch a bit of Noah’s lacrosse practice. I had only seen Randall’s island from Manhattan and occasionally from the Triborough Bridge. The are one hundred fields for every imaginable sport there. Noah’s practice was at number 83. This is a short distance from the walking bridge to Manhattan at 103rd St. It appears that all of the playing fields are artificial grass. Great for maintenance and durability.

I could not get many good shots at Noah’s practice, lacking a telephoto lens.

Side Note:

Nyla is playing lots of tennis as are all of the family. Wicked backhand. I will get some action shots soon.

Nyla's dance class group photo
Nyla at dance class in zombie guiseNyla at dance class

Noah being checked=

Noah being checked by coach

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