Outsourcing Strikes While On Vacation – Done In By Family

outsourced lobstersFor more than a decade we have rented a beach house on W Street in Hull, MA on Nantasket Beach. A long standing component of this is one evening that features a lobster fest. It has always been my role to cook the steamers and lobsters along with the corn. This year, when the discussion turned to lobsters,  I was stunned by a proposal from my brother Ed, quickly seconded by sister-in-law Meredith, and voted into action before I could even raise some question of my traditional role that we simply call up Stop & Shop and order the lobsters all cooked!

So, in one thoughtless moment, without even acknowledgment that I had served as chef de lobsters for over a decade, and leaving me bereft of any function other than just being Mr. Wonderful, I had been relegated to the dust bin, made redundant, generally caste off.

Well, I have thought further about how to achieve revenge next year….. just wait.outsourced lobsters

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