Mr. Wonderful Wins a Medal

A week ago I ran in the Hudson Area Library Ghostly Gallop 5K race here in Hudson. First race in six years. My time of 41 minutes was hardly stellar, though my PB of 33 minutes some ten years ago hardly made me a threat even in the Clydesdale division. I am happy to be running again.

But the big news is that I received a medal! I am so excited. I don’t think I have ever gotten a medal for anything before. Not sure exactly why I am so enthralled. Every participant who finished the race, even the crawlers, received a medal. Still, I am excited.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Wonderful Wins a Medal

  1. We are truly thrilled at your accomplishment !! Were you wearing an Oxford button down shirt during the race or did you don that for the medal ceremony ? on said:

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  2. Oh no, my Oxfords are only for my officious moments. My running is so filled with huffing, wheezing and sweat that I couldn’t dignify it with such garb.