An Earlier Medal for Mr. Wonderful

Jonathan pointed out, via Facebook, that I did in fact receive a medal earlier than my recent Ghostly Gallop fete. There was a time when I was famous, infamous more accurately, for my cooking, especially my meatloaf.

I took special pride in making my meatloaf with so many additives that it looked as though the refuse from the grain aisle at the food coop had fallen in the mixing bowl along with a seasoning of hamburger. Oats was always a starting point along with plenty of chopped onions and green peppers. I also regularly added Wheetena, bulgur, even leftover brown rice. I always topped the mixture off with a coating of ketchup. But, even if put two eggs in to give it some structural glue, the meatloaf never actually loafed. It was always gloppy.

At some point, Jonathan thinks the late seventies, I was awarded a family medal. It is now seriously faded, but a medal nevertheless.


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