A Pleasant Corrective to Mid-Hudson Cablevision’s Reputation Here

Some new technicians from Mid-Hudson Cablevision arrived this afternoon and performed further testing on the lines and boxes outside of the house. Not quite sure what they did, or did not, do, but, happily, the results of their ministrations are entirely positive.

The internet connections are now responsive, even snappy.The latency numbers for links to NYC, Boston, or Washington are now under 30 milliseconds. Even links to San Francisco and Seattle are under 100 milliseconds. Uploads are now a presentable 400 to 500 KB/sec. Some download speeds are well over the advertised rates of 5 MB/sec.

The Vonage telephone line no longer sounds like a fuzzy version of a bad horror movie echo chamber. I conducted a 30 minute conversation without any dropouts or auditory boomerangs.

Lets hope that Mid-Hudson can maintain this service level.

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