Another in the Mid-Hudson Cable Internet Service Saga

Last week I went through another period of glacial internet service.

With teeth clenched I called the service line at Mid-Hudson and was connected with a technician. I described the problem and he fiddled some dials on his end.

“How many computers are hooked up to your network now!” Well, at the moment two plus our Vonage VOIP telephone box. He asked me to turn off one of the computers. I ran to Karen’s computer and turned it off. With the technician still on the line he called out the ping speed as the computer went offline. Back down to 30 to 40 milliseconds (from between 1500 to 2250 milliseconds, a crippling ping speed). Quite good.

He claimed that there must be something amiss on that computer. Since then, we have not had a new bout of slow ping rates. I am waiting. Meanwhile I am also making inquiries among my more tech savvy to find out if it makes any sense that a computer on the internal network in the house could cause such terrible ping problems??

At any rate, this time Mid-Hudson came through with some useful service.

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