American Glory BBQ – revisited – web shenangins??

After my original note on the arrival of American Glory BBQ up the street in the 300 “restaurant” block of Warren St., I was astounded by the stream of comments in response. After the number of comments passed five (it is now 15!!), I became suspicious that some, perhaps most, are being posted by people other than mere patrons of this establishment. This single posting has drawn more comments than any in the three year history of my website (in its earlier six years there was no comment capability on the site). The most recent commenter even comes right out and alleges that some of these comments have appeared verbatim on other websites. I have not investigated this allegation. Nevertheless, I admit to my doubts.

Leaving all of this web daring do aside, the restaurant remains a welcome addition to Hudson. It brings more life to the street. Soon, I will go for a meal. Swoon, next door continues to live up to its status as a legend. I hope that American Glory BBQ will turn out to be a legend too.

American Glory BBQ - Warren St. Hudson NY

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