Hudson Pride Parade and Rally

Most parades, like the Hudson Flag Day (6/12/10) (noted earlier here)are at best droll affairs with a somewhat cookie cutter format, content, and purpose. The Hudson Pride Parade, Rally and Tea Dance was quite different. It was a fun event. Along with the recent Prom King and Queen election at the high school (reported on here in the Register Star) it is clearly a marker of a maturing public acceptance and engagement with a wider range of people as they are, not as some might wish or imagine them to be. Davis orton Gallery with Pride Day flag

We were a sponsor of this event through the gallery. And so we had our Hudson Pride flag out along with our usual BeLo3rd Open flag.

Karen was not available to take pictures and make movies, so you have to settle for my photographic efforts.

The parade was notable for its many groups of people with simple banners, paucity of floats, and almost complete avoidance of the usual herds of fire trucks and rescue vehicles. I admit to only being surprised at the large contingent from the Capital Area Pride Bowlers.Pride Day - County DemocratsHudson pride Day - Capital Region bowlersHudson Pride day - marchers-tot-in-carHudson pride Day - crowd at Promenande Hill

I particularly liked the crowd that gathered at the end of Warren and up onto Promenade Hill. Right size space and right size crowd. Still in Hudson instead of visually cut off down in Henry Hudson Park.

You should visit the website for the event,, and note the endless list of sponsors.

The Revealed – Where is Page 6? – is Ginger Bread Man Really the Web Author?

We have been an admirer of the website The 12534 ever since we discovered that this site had the good sense to add Mr. Wonderful’s World to its list of “notable blogs”. Flattery does get you somewhere in these parts. Despite the pleasant ego inflation, it remained a mystery here at 114 Warren as to the identity of the diligent and discerning author of The 12534. Tonight, in the midst of Hudson’s Winter Walk hoopla, a large ginger bread man walked into the Davis Orton Gallery accompanied by a handler.

He claims to be the web author of The 12534. But how are we to know that this is true? The only bit of wit that passed his lips was a retort on spying our platter of ginger snaps, “Oh, I can’t eat any of those, that would be canibalism.”

We were lucky enough to get Mr. Ginger Bread Man to pose with Ms. Wonderful.

120509-The12534 Web Author Mr. Ginger Bread Man