“I might wake up dead tomorrow.”


Karen reported this comment to me from our long time, longer even for Karen, friend Nancy Vermond. Seems like a neat capsule for the state of affairs at this point in time and this time of life,

So I have dropped the donuts motif and substituted this as the tag line.

2/1/2021 – Monday – snow early

Snow forecast

Got up at 3:30 am for ibuprofen for hip. It had started snowing several hours before forecast.

Scanned a bunch of old photos. Andrea and Mark bringing paint back to 266 Western Ave during Great Blizzard of ‘78 in Cambridge.

UTMH – meeting with OSPLabs. Possible new software developer.

Spoke with Matt Almeida.
3pm. Snow

Lots of work on OldDodgeVan.com.

5 pm more snow.
Orton sibling chat. I recalled a summer debate between Torrey and Father when he was 16 or so over whether the phrase “general consensus” was a redundant phrase.