9.7.2023 Birthday 76


Told SJ Williams that we won’t attend gala. Cough persists. 

More work on MMT, particularly concept of sovereignty. 

Worked on TikTok version of $47 Trillion Rip Off. 

Dr’s nurse suggested going for an X-ray. Theresa Melz is not in until Monday. 

Brief UTMH mtg. 

Tennis lesson. Hot and humid. Called it early at about 55 minutes. Elbow much better. 

Stopped at PriceChopper for grapes and watermelon for Pauline who is sick with Covid. 

Delivered a dozen bran muffins to Book and Bake sale at library. Ended up giving Kathy Parchuk a ride home. 

Went to see Oppenheimer, a 3 hour movie. Thunder storms knocked out power after 1 1/2 hrs. Karen will have to go back to see last half. 

8,012 steps. 

Journal 7.15.2023 – Saturday

Date:   July 15, 2023 at 5:36:31 PM EDT
Weather:    86°F Partly Cloudy
Location:   114 Warren St, Hudson, New York, United States

Bob’s for breakfast.

Very few people at 8:30am. Waitress mystified too. Shopping.

Tennis with Ted. Played some games. He won first to 5; 5-1.


Nap. Sluggish afternoon. Weed wacked part of yard. Batteries died. Dripping hot.

Hudson Festival Orchestra. Lots of new music. Orchestra sounded great, very transparent.

More ​Happy Valley​.
13,301 steps.

Journal 7.12.2023

Date:   July 12, 2023 at 8:15:25 PM EDT
Weather:    77°F Mostly Cloudy
Location:   1811 Old Kings Hwy, Saugerties, New York, United States

Tennis night.

after tennis….

Spoke with Joe Keenan about his consulting practice.

Walked to library. Got Michael Chameides’ email address from Emily.

NuLink Health meeting…..

15,187 steps.

“I might wake up dead tomorrow.”


Karen reported this comment to me from our long time, longer even for Karen, friend Nancy Vermond. Seems like a neat capsule for the state of affairs at this point in time and this time of life,

So I have dropped the donuts motif and substituted this as the tag line.