Reminder of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

I found niece Maggie staring at a peak of Chef Boyardee cans at Stop & Shop. She was in some nostalgic revery of choice. I pointed out that a life mystery for me was the constituents of the the meatballs in “Spaghetti & Meatballs”. She thought the mystery lay in the raviolis.

Then, I picked up a can to look at the label. One glance reminded me of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. One rule says something along the lines of, “if your third grader can not read the label don’t eat it.”

Case closed

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Parker Orton Graduates – June 29, 2011

Parker graduated from Montgomery Academy Wednesday June 29, 2011. Karen and I attended with Ed, Meredith, and Maggie.

It was quite personal since there are only twelve graduates. Special gifts were awarded to each with amusing commentary concerning some quirk or talent.

It was especially nice to meet some of Parker’s school friends and some of his teachers. Unfortunately, I only captured a name here or there. Apologies.

Here are a few photos.

Parker Orton walking in

The Procession

Parker listiening Gift from Cheryl Lentini

Parker listening to remarks before receiving gift

Parker with teacher Adel

Parker with his teacher Adel

Parker with diplomaParker, teacher, friendParker water color for class project

Maggie, Meredith, Ed and Parker

Maggie, Meredith, Ed and Parker

Mark, Maggie, Meredith, Ed, Parker, Karen

Mark, Maggie, Meredith, Ed, Parker, Karen

Official Beginning of Summer

Memorial Day weekend came with infinitely better weather than suggested by the forecasters or the preceding two weeks of rain.

We spent time with Andrea, John, Nyla & Noah and others including the Browns. Struggled to fit in three barbecues. Missed John Sr. and Jeannette.


Orton Family Reunion Attends Noah’s Lax Game in Princeton NJ – update with photos

Updated with Photographs 05/25/2011 (thanks to Karen for the photographs)

The Orton siblings gathered in Berkeley Heights NJ for a reunion this weekend. The last time all four were together was in 1997 at Nantasket Beach.

Today’s outing featured a trip to watch Noah Gilstrap play lacrosse in Princeton NJ. Mom and Dad were there also as was sister Nyla.

Torrey Orton fulfilled an objective of the trip with a visit to the hot dog stand. Nostalgia takes strange forms.

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Noah Number 8

052111-Orton Reunion-Noah-running-KCD052111-Orton Reunion-lineup-KCD
052111-Orton Reunion-Carol-Nyla-KCD052111-Orton Reunion-Noah-receiving-KCD

052111-Orton Reunion-picnic-KCD

post game picnic

052111-Orton Reunion-group-KCD

052111-Orton Reunion-Nyla &Noah playing catch

A New Sense of Novelty in a Web Experience

I have used computers regularly at work and home since the early 80’s. I built my first website in 1999. My earliest computing goes back to punch card days. I use Skype videoconferencing regularly with clients. We share documents back and forth. Karen and I maintain more than six websites for business and personal uses. I build new websites for businesses here in Hudson. All of this is just to indicate that computers are not a novel notion for me.

The other day Karen and I heard the telltale signal that Skype was calling us with some incoming call. Given the time of day, we knew that it was Hong Kong calling. Instead of answering it on my desktop machine I popped open our two week old iPad and answered. There were Jonathan, Nan, Jesse, and Anna in Hong Kong. We were sitting in our breakfast nook and they on the floor in their living room.


The usual family blather was conducted. Jesse showed us his stuffed animal cat and fed it carrots. Anna demonstrated her walking. Then I noticed Jesse wandering off to do something and I was struck by the notion that this videoconference was just part of the furniture of his life. He talks regularly with at ,east two sets of grandparents and probably others. I was sitting there struck at the same moment by the novelty of this event occurring not on a large desktop computer with all of it’s wires, external hard drives and printers cluttering a desk, but on a panel 9.5 x 7.5 inches and a mere .38 inches thick sitting without any dangling attachments.

In fact, as I am writing this, I realize that I have been planning ahead for this to happen. Recently I bought another WiFi router and set it up towards the back of the house. Initially I was just thinking of improving the signal in the breakfast nook. Then we had a day of warm weather and I sat on our deck in the back yard and played on the iPad. Soon we will video conference with the grandchildren from there too.

Still, I am struck by how miraculous this all is.