Mr. Wonderful Wins a Medal

A week ago I ran in the Hudson Area Library Ghostly Gallop 5K race here in Hudson. First race in six years. My time of 41 minutes was hardly stellar, though my PB of 33 minutes some ten years ago hardly made me a threat even in the Clydesdale division. I am happy to be running again.

But the big news is that I received a medal! I am so excited. I don’t think I have ever gotten a medal for anything before. Not sure exactly why I am so enthralled. Every participant who finished the race, even the crawlers, received a medal. Still, I am excited.


Art Book Fair at MOMA PS 1

Stopped off at the New York Art Book Fair. More overwhelming than last. Don’t these people know that books are so dead. Really last year there were two floors. This year they added on a whole tent in the courtyard. Too many books on politics and art movements that were obscure 40 years ago. Still some good stuff. Karen found a few she felt compelled to buy.


My nod to Lee Friedlander and countless other rear view mirror afficianadoes.


Location:Warren St,Hudson,United States

Orton Family Reunion Attends Noah’s Lax Game in Princeton NJ – update with photos

Updated with Photographs 05/25/2011 (thanks to Karen for the photographs)

The Orton siblings gathered in Berkeley Heights NJ for a reunion this weekend. The last time all four were together was in 1997 at Nantasket Beach.

Today’s outing featured a trip to watch Noah Gilstrap play lacrosse in Princeton NJ. Mom and Dad were there also as was sister Nyla.

Torrey Orton fulfilled an objective of the trip with a visit to the hot dog stand. Nostalgia takes strange forms.

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Noah Number 8

052111-Orton Reunion-Noah-running-KCD052111-Orton Reunion-lineup-KCD
052111-Orton Reunion-Carol-Nyla-KCD052111-Orton Reunion-Noah-receiving-KCD

052111-Orton Reunion-picnic-KCD

post game picnic

052111-Orton Reunion-group-KCD

052111-Orton Reunion-Nyla &Noah playing catch

Nyla at the 2nd Annual Brewster Girls Lacrosse Jamboree – Brewster, CT

We got up early and drove down to Brewster to watch Nyla play in a lacrosse game. I admit to be somewhat befuddled about the rules. Unlike the boys game which features lots of “checking” of opponents (really¬†whacking, flailing, pummeling, and hacking are better terms), the girls game does not allow this. So, the strategy seems quite different. I will have to find the rules for girls lacrosse and examine them further.

At any rate it was great fun seeing Nyla play, even if I experienced some trepidation that hyper-competitive mother Andrea might rush on the field to lead the charge.051411 Nyla playing lacrosse in Brewster CT