Art Book Fair at MOMA PS 1

Stopped off at the New York Art Book Fair. More overwhelming than last. Don’t these people know that books are so dead. Really last year there were two floors. This year they added on a whole tent in the courtyard. Too many books on politics and art movements that were obscure 40 years ago. Still some good stuff. Karen found a few she felt compelled to buy.


My nod to Lee Friedlander and countless other rear view mirror afficianadoes.


Location:Warren St,Hudson,United States

A Trip to the City – adventures in art and excess

Off to the Whitney leaving Dave and Enid munching

Off to the Whitney leaving Dave and Enid munching

Last Wednesday we went off to NYC for a day of museums and food with Dave Drake and Enid Advocate. Arriving in the City at late lunch time, we just had to have a bite. This landed us at a Dean & Deluca’s deli (Madison and 85th). After the bite Karen and I departed leaving Dave and Enid still munching. We went off to the Whitney to see the Lee Friedlander show, “America by Car”. This is the latest demonstration that Friedlander still knows his old trick of shooting from inside his car with a quite unvarying framing approach. Roof pillars and rear view mirrors are in almost every image. When you are confronted with two rooms of pictures, 192 in all,  with two rows running around the walls with almost no spacing between each picture, the effect is not even numbing, just mostly boring. Continue reading