Road Trip 2011

In case you missed our trip in February, we travelled, in our 2002 Corolla, to Boston, Washington DC, Knoxville, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham AL, Moundsville, AL, New Orleans LA, Galveston TX, Houston TX, Austin TX, Johnson City TX, Seminole Canyon Archeological Park TX, Carlsbad NM, Santa Fe NM, Amarillo TX, Canyon TX, Oklahoma City OK, Memphis, TN and Berkeley Heights NJ before returning to Hudson at the end of the month. We took our camping gear with us, but the much colder than usual wether only allowed for three nights in our tent.

We had plans to reach the California and visit various family and friends. This turned out to be unobtainable while still allowing for some sight seeing and side trips along the way.

We set up a separate website for this event: Lots of pictures, stories and a map there.

Forgetfulness, sloth, and other sources of screw ups conspire to delay a trip

MMO standing in front of Rush passport doorThis is what happens when your passport expires even one day, or in my case 20 days before a trip. Karen discovered this lapse the night before our trip to Hong Kong. I pouted and immediately had thoughts of abandoning all hope. Karen, the bull, got online and found a solution to the problem.

By the time we finished all the arrangements it was 11 pm. So, we got up a 4 am to drive down to NYC. Mighty few people on the Taconic at that hour.

I spent the day in Manhattan starting at 7:15 am here at Rush Passport, a very efficient though also very expensive service. Lightened of $520 ($350 for the service and $170 for the State Dept.) we left Manhattan.

Karen and I then had breakfast at a diner in Bayonne NJ before dropping her at Newark Airport. She went ahead to Hong Kong.

I went to Harlem and had a nap at Andrea’s house. No one there but the cat. An hour’s snooze and I was off to one of my regular stops whenever I can at the 42nd St. library. this always includes a visit to the Reading RoomRose Reading Rm 42nd St. NYPL - borrowed w/o permission on the top floor.

By 5 pm I had my new passport. I will leave for Hong Kong on Monday.

I tried hard to think up a scenario to blame Karen or anyone beside me for this gaff. But I have so far failed.

A Trip to the City – adventures in art and excess

Off to the Whitney leaving Dave and Enid munching

Off to the Whitney leaving Dave and Enid munching

Last Wednesday we went off to NYC for a day of museums and food with Dave Drake and Enid Advocate. Arriving in the City at late lunch time, we just had to have a bite. This landed us at a Dean & Deluca’s deli (Madison and 85th). After the bite Karen and I departed leaving Dave and Enid still munching. We went off to the Whitney to see the Lee Friedlander show, “America by Car”. This is the latest demonstration that Friedlander still knows his old trick of shooting from inside his car with a quite unvarying framing approach. Roof pillars and rear view mirrors are in almost every image. When you are confronted with two rooms of pictures, 192 in all,  with two rows running around the walls with almost no spacing between each picture, the effect is not even numbing, just mostly boring. Continue reading

Is the e-Reader Closer at Hand Than We Imagine?? – on sale at Price Chopper

eReader for sale at Pricer Chopper!

I have been following the development of e-readers quite closely for years. Back in my software company days, we sublet office space from Common Angels. I got early looks at electronic paper because E Ink Corp. was one of their investments. It was clear that soon digital displays would leave the world of energy intensive heavy displays and move to a technology that would be more paper like in its resolution, weight, and durability.  Just last week I looked at the Sony Reader at B & H Photo in NYC. I have looked at the Amazon Kindle when I have bumped into users in coffee shops.

And, over the last six months, I have been reading detective novels, mainly, on my iPod Touch. I have quite a collection of free books stashed on my Touch. It is great to be able to take out a book and read wherever I am. And, at night, I can reverse the display to show the text in white against a black background. Great for reading in bed without any other light source. This of course suggests that when I shift to electronic paper displays that I will have to turn on the light to read since electronic paper is not backlit like all other electronic display technologies.

Finally, now that the New York Times costs $2.00 to read on paper, we have taken up reading it via the New York Times Reader on our laptops and desktop machines.

So, it is clear that new reading tools are available and the race is on to making them a mass market device.

I was startled though to see the Sungale 7 inch eReader (picture above) for sale at Price Chopper, our local supermarket, for $75 amidst a pile of other discounted electrical and electronic products near the checkout counters. On closer examination, it turns out this is not much of an e-reader since it will only display .txt files and offers none of the conveniences that the real ereaders provide. This is really a mislabeled device for displaying pictures and music videos. Nevertheless, this is an early signal of the coming ereader revolution

Hudson to Lake George in Adirondacks – a day trip

We took a ride today to Lake George in the Adirondacks on October 6, 2009

Our first visit to this part of NY.  We drove Rte 9 north to Rte 4 N in Troy. Then we picked up Rte 4 wtih a stop in Lock Number 2 on the Champlain Canal (aka Hudson River north of Troy, NY). Troy and Glens Falls are definitely worth another real visit. Lake George is just a large a resort town with lots of hotels and amusements.

Lots more to do in the Adirondacks. Karen read that this park is larger than the state of Vermont.

The trip back via Rte 87 was 90 miles and took 1 and 1/2 hours.

Click here to view a map of our trip Hudson to Lake George Trip October 10, 2009. ( in a new window)


Hydro-electric power at Lock 2.


Lock #2 on Champlain Canal


view from Prospect Mountain, near Lake George, towards northwest of Adirondacks